»Holy Shit« St. Art Magazine # 1, Releaseparty in Berlins bester Adresse

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012
Von Raban Ruddigkeit 06. Dezember 2012 Kommentare 0

Seit Wochen werkeln meine Lieblingsnachbarn vom STU/DI/O an ihrem ersten Magazin. Nun ist es fertiggeworden und ist ein Kleinod von einer Kiste, die Arbeiten aus den verschiedensten Genren enthält. Extrem interdisziplinär und multimedial (auch unser Risograph kam dabei zum Einsatz). Lest, was die Macher selbst sagen.

»STU/DI/O is a co-workingspace in Berlin-Mitte. We started a co-project which shows exclusive work. One theme for every issue. It´s planned to have 4 issues a year. Holy Shit is the first issue.

ST.ART comes in a limited box set. We put some great limited art work into 100 boxes, like signed and special art prints and each box has it´s number. Along with the zine and the art prints we also have unique gimmiks like: silk-screen prints, posters, postcards, folders, a flipbook, bookmarks, children paint sheets, stickers, etc...

Studio Art means also: Everyone who comes along, works with us, inspires us and touches us is part of ST.ART and we put him or she or them or it to the wall. We featured: Andre Rival – Photographer, Raban Ruddigkeit – Graphic designer and JBAK (Addison Karl + James Bullough) Artist-Duo

ST. ART is made by: Florentine Joop - Editor + Idea + Writing + Interviews, Valentino Griscioli - Photography, Sascha Westphal - Controlling + Illustrations + Layout, Frau Benz - Art + Illustrations, Steffen Hintze - Art + Illustrations, Melissa Akyildiz- Intern + Layout+ Illustrations, Diego Cristancho Bulla- Intern + Layout + Illustrations.

Release am Montag, den 10. Dezember, 19 Uhr, STU/DI/O, Anklamerstr. 32, 10119 Berlin